In a proactive move to guarantee a harmonious atmosphere during the ongoing festivities of Independence Day, the Court of Judicial Magistrate Malir has issued a decisive measure. In response to mounting concerns over public disturbances caused by the excessive use of horns, the court has announced a ban on the sale and purchase of ‘baja‘ or horns within the city.

This judicial decree underscores the importance of upholding a comfortable environment for citizens as they honor the nation’s Independence Day. Acting under the authority of Section 190(2) of the Penal Code, the court has directed local law enforcement agencies to take appropriate action against individuals involved in the trade and use of horns.

The Station House Officers (SHOs) of Shrafi Goth and Sachal have received explicit instructions to rigorously enforce this ban. The court’s directive emphasizes the necessity of reining in the distribution and use of horns, particularly during this period of celebrations.

The unregulated blaring of bugles and horns has posed a significant concern for the public during Independence Day celebrations in the past years. The court’s intervention seeks to mitigate the disruption caused by the loud cacophony of horns while also addressing the uncontrolled sale of these items.

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